Jun 17-23

Kat Graham Appreciation Week

Because we love KitKat


Kat Graham’s visit to Syrian refugee families in Jordan for the UNHCR

"When you think of refugees you often think of people rendered powerless,” she said. “But when I think of the people I’ve met, I think of qualities that I aspire to have. These are people making lemonade out of lemons, building fountains in front of their caravans with rocks from the desert because it reminds them of home, marshalling every last spirit of enterprise and innovation that runs deep in their veins to support the ones they care for most. I see new depths of love, commitment to family, community spirit and generosity – incredible values that we can all learn from."

To read Kat’s full story or make a donation, head to www.unrefugees.org/katgraham

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Reasons why I love Kat Graham

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So… What about we do another round?
Kat Graham Week 2014!


✿ Kat Graham Appreciation Week ✿ day 6: Why I love Kat

Kat Graham is one of the most beautiful, fun, positive and inspiring women in Hollywood. She likes to give her best in everything she does. Has such a good heart and uses her influence as a public figure to help people the best way she can. And it blows me away how kind and generous she always is to her fans, and for all these reasons she’s one of my favorite celebrities and I love her.

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✿ Kat Graham Appreciation Week ✿ day 7: Ode to Kat - Favorite Quotes

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Kat Graham Week → Day 6 & 7: Why I Love Kat/Ode To Kat

I decided to put the final two days of Kat Graham Week together because my response for these fall under the same category. I love Kat Graham because she loves us all. Each and every one of the members of the Army, Brigade, and Pack. It’s one thing for a celeb to say that they love their fans, but for them to actively make an effort to show it is something entirely different, and Kat does exactly that. Actually, Kat goes above and beyond to make it known to us that she cares, loves, and appreciates us and how much we support her. Whether that be through a Twitter follow or reply,a meet and greet, a tumblr follow or post like; she actively does whatever she can to reach out to us and make us feel like we’re apart of something.

And that’s just something I admire, love, and respect about her so much. Because she honestly doesn’t have to, she’s a busy woman with a million things going on at one time it seems, but she makes such an effort to make us apart of her journey in anyway that she can that I can’t help but love this about her.

So my ode to Kat is a thank you letter of some sorts. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kat Graham twice. The first time, she reached out to me and said that we should hang out at the Grove (those are where the pictures are from) and the second time I went down to see her perform at Universal Studios. Both times that I met her were beyond amazing. Kat is such a beautiful person inside and out that it’s hard to believe someone like her even exists. 

For those who don’t know (and I’m sure many don’t), I run the KatGrahamLA Twitter account. Kat and I had been trying to put a get together for so long and when we finally met at the Grove, she genuinely seemed happy to meet me. To be honest, she seemed to be fangirling about meeting me just like I was fangirling about meeting her.

What I love about Kat is that she makes the effort to get to know her fans as much as possible and to make it clear that you aren’t just a fan to her, but you’re her friend as well. During dinner she was asking about my life and friends (who I brought along), what we liked, and basically wanted to get to know us. It didn’t feel like I was sitting there talking to “Kat Graham the Celebrity”, it felt like I was sitting there talking to “Kat Graham the person”, the person that everyone who knows her on a more personal level gets the chance to see. That’s just something that I’ll cherish for forever.  And what was even more amazing is that when we again, she actually remembered some of what we had mentioned to her and asked us about it. The second time we got to meet, we went out after her performance for dinner and she had her boyfriend (now fiance),  manager, choreographers, photographer, dancers, and a some other people there with us. But that didn’t deter her from wanting me and my friend to come along, that entire dinner was great. It felt like we were in Kat’s circle of friends the way we were chatting and laughing with not only her but everyone else that she knew as well. 

Basically, I just wanted to say thank you, Kat. Thank you for loving not only me, but all of us. For showing us that we matter, for being so accessible to all of us and doing whatever you can to make us feel like we’re apart of something special as you become this amazing star that we all know that you are. This isn’t even half of what I wanted to say to express my gratitude and love for you, but I figured I’d give it a shot anyways.

I love you Kat and thank you again for everything.

I’m so proud to call myself not only your fan, but friend.

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Kat Graham Week - Day 3 : Favorite Friendship Kat + Her Boo

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Kat Graham + Nate Buzolic

KAT GRAHAM WEEK | favorite friendship

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Kat Graham Appreciation Week I Day 3: Favorite Friendship

They’ve known each other for years and I don’t think a lot of people know that. I love them and wanted to show them some love.

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Kat Graham Appreciation Week

Day 3: Favorite Friendship

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